Anniversary Celebration 05/July - 05/August

We are celebrating one full year since we started our server and therefore we want to give players some rewards. We created an anniversary pack

Contents of the anniversary pack are:

- 60 LV8 Gem Coins and 5 Holy Gem Talismans

- 15 EX60 Vouchers and 15 EX45 Vouchers, 10 Bound Red and Bound Blue Oracles

- Hammers lv10-15 x10 of each, 10 Lava Resetters, Free Combat Mount Token

- 22.5k Reputation Tears of the Goddess so that you can buy yourself a free normal mount at any time you wish

Apply Now

Remember, those requesting are not getting the pack automatically. Keeping in mind players security, we require more steps for your anniversary pack receiving:

-Your request will face GM approval, it may be denied if you fall in alt-detection systems or too many wrong attempts

-Problems with request send username+email to @Guiro in Discord channel

-Important: You can request this pack on any account you wish, as long as you request on ONE account only. Do not request the pack on multiple accounts cause we won't approve not even one account if you do so.

-We will not accept support requests if you are not the owner of the account

Step 1

Pick the character that is receiving the goods: